Take control of your sales territories

SaaS solution to secure the feasibility of your strategic objectives and their field execution 

Faster, fairer and more SMART!

The sectorization solution to create, update and restructure your sales force efficiently

Matching Data

Save a lot of time in cross-referencing your point-of-sale databases with Artificial Intelligence.

Automatic design

Create, simulate and compare in a few minutes as many sales force organiation scenarios as you wish, based on your sales objectives.

Operational reality

Your territories are based on the activity of your sales force and the use of your salespeople's field time.

A dynamic workload plan.

Sales cycles to adapt your sales force organisation to special operations, peaks in activity, seasonal variations, etc.


Simulate a field operation on a defined points of sale target, measure the business and HR impacts and validate its implementation.

Workload validation

Adapt your visit policy, readjust the market coverage and validate the field sales force workload plans involved in the sales cycle.

Organisational development

Evaluate the organisation and the number of field resources you need and where to recruit to meet all your business challenges.

An agile sales organisation at last!

Dynamic management solution to help you in taking the right decisions when facing and measuring hazards effects

HR Management

Simulate the impact of a move, contract change or HR replacement.

Market coverage

Modify your areas at the margin, change customer allocation and reassess your sales pressure.

Business issues

Measure the impact of your business orientations and readjust your workload in a few clicks.

You have a sales force organization project and you don't have time?

Discover our service offer and entrust your mission to our experts!

What our customers say about our solutions

"Without increasing our coverage, we have optimised our face-to-face customer/travel time ratio which represents a potential of 4000 visits."
Victoria Poreaux
Business Analyst

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I have done my commercial sectorisation... What's next?

Datakiss innovates and revolutionises the management of sales sectorisation. Discover in this video how Datakiss solutions allow a sales force to remain effective throughout the year in the face of HR and business hazards.

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Entretien avec Alexis Roth, Savencia

Dans cette vidéo, découvrez comment Savencia s’adapte au quotidien grâce à Datakiss, notamment au niveau de la couverture de ses points de vente par sa force de vente pour toujours être efficace et continuer à répondre aux besoins de ses clients, d’après le témoignage d’Alexis Roth, Directeur de Zone. … Read More

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