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Visit policy

Analyse and quantify positions, potential and opportunities to build up a market coverage and optimise your point of sale visit policy

Competitive environment

Analyse, evaluate and benchmark the competition and the different forces present in the different markets for my brand(s)

Territory Design

Secure the sales department ambitions and strategic objectives in order to ensure that the sales force executes its priorities perfectly

Outsourced sales force

Evaluate the need for temporary or permanent reinforcements according to your priorities and objectives, special field operations or peaks in activity

Commercial effectiveness

Secure the alignment of objectives within the sales department and in particular to ensure that the sales force executes its priorities perfectly

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"Datakiss is a tool that allows you to vary a lot of parameters and to simulate very quickly and efficiently. You don't have to wait two or three days or grind a system to get a rendering of variations in assumptions."
Brice Mathe
National Sales Manager and Head of e-commerce

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What about you? How do you design your sales force organization ?

Datakiss innovates and revolutionises the sales territory design process. Discover in this video how Datakiss solutions now integrate the time spent on the road for a precise workload calculation and for a better match between your field resources and your coverage challenges.

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Entretien avec Alexis Roth, Savencia

Dans cette vidéo, découvrez comment Savencia s’adapte au quotidien grâce à Datakiss, notamment au niveau de la couverture de ses points de vente par sa force de vente pour toujours être efficace et continuer à répondre aux besoins de ses clients, d’après le témoignage d’Alexis Roth, Directeur de Zone. … Read More

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