Interview with Alexis Roth, Savencia


Hello Alexis, could you introduce yourself and tell us about your position at Savencia? 


Hello, Alexis Roth. 

I'm Area Manager at Savencia Produits Laitiers France. I'm in charge of part of the sales force.


Our teams market a wide range of products in supermarkets, including self-service cheese, cheese by the slice, butter, cream, infant milk and even ultra-fresh products with strong brands and well-known products such as Caprice des Dieux, Tartare, Saint Moret, Le Rustique, Raclette RichesMonts, the Elle & Vire range of butters and creams, and Modilac infant milk



What is your sales force organization? 


We have area managers and merchandising promoters who visit supermarkets, hypermarkets and the drive-in channel in the majority of French supermarket chains.

What problems did you want to solve by calling on Datakiss?



The supermarket sector is a fast-moving, ever-changing environment, and we have to adapt to it on a daily basis, in particular by adapting the coverage of our points of sale to ensure that we are always efficient, and by continuing to meet our customers' needs in order to jointly build long-term growth plans.


How did the project with Datakiss go?


We had the opportunity to use the solution when we overhauled our sectorization, but the advantage of the solution is that it can be used dynamically, almost on a daily basis, to respond to the needs and news of both HR and the brands.


The tool enables us to independently adjust our sectorization and still have an input key for the sales force's workload.


What are the benefits of using Territory Planning?


The data is factual and concrete. This makes the sectorization process easier to grasp and understand. The tool is easy to use.

We've also put it in the hands of our sales force managers, who make recommendations for optimizing coverage at regional level.


The solution has made a major contribution to the successful implementation of sectorization, not only in terms of construction, with the possibility of simulating and running several scenarios, but also in terms of appropriation, thanks to a clear understanding and almost day-to-day management.


Would you recommend Datakiss to another National Sales Directorate?


Datakiss is the solution to your organization and reorganization problems.

Both in terms of resources and time allocated to increase efficiency and develop your business.


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